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Caring Transitions of Hamilton, VA Organized Online Estate Sale Auctions

Discover the many ways in which you can auction your or your loved one’s estate online without having to leave the comfort of your home in Loudoun County and the surrounding areas.

As a nationally recognized provider that specializes in providing customized support during life-changing situations, Caring Transitions delivers a range of services including relocation, downsizing, and estate sale management. When it comes to facilitating estate sales, we also host online estate sale auctions and help clients minimize their expenditures while boosting their profits through our special CT Bids platform.

How CT Bids Works

To provide you with a full insight into how it all works, we will arrange an online estate sale specialist to meet you for a free consultation. They will take the time to explain every step in the process and survey all the items you would like to place on CT Bids. If needed, we can help photograph, list, and upload each item. Utilizing CT Bids is a great option for those who do not have the spare time to engage in transitional estate sales but still need to go ahead and liquidate certain assets.

Pricing Items on CT Bids

What makes CT Bids so unique is that, unlike similar platforms, it provides you with an array of pricing options. This helps boost your sales as you never have to settle for selling your assets through just one specific method. Rather, you can choose between the following:

  • Auction – With this basic online estate sale option, you let the bidders outbid each other until the highest offer claims the item.
  • Fixed price – If you are not too keen on the whole bidding idea, set a fixed price to allow the first buyer to purchase your items.
  • Classified ad – Generate more interest on your auctions by offering your goods and assets in a classified ad that displays images, descriptions, prices, as well as shipping costs. However, you do have to take the ad down once the item sells.
  • Buy now – You can make an item available for instant purchase, just like with the fixed-price option.
  • Reserve – You want to experience bidding but are worried about whether your auctions will meet the expected value? Then, you should choose the Reserve option. As this is a behind-the-scenes action, the bidders will not be able to see your expected price. When an auction expires without a sale, you can simply restart the process or consider the highest bidder.  

Give us a call at 540-530-3473 to learn more about our online estate sale solutions in your area and request a free consultation to start with your auctions asap.

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