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"...So it is we wish to re-commend ,with gratitude and gusto, our new friends, Tom, and Lianne; with their cultivated hearts, who patiently and unswervingly took all the steps, the practical logistics , and both outer and inner, and  who we believe, will handsomely assist with your travels, ensuring cared-for transition.

We recommend them whole heartedly."

- George and Janine Cornecelli


"Tom and Lieann worked within the time frame that we originally discussed and completed all tasks on time and got the house emptied out so that the paint and carpet companies could begin their work. Had we not hired them, I would still be there pulling my hair out. I have told them that I plan to spread the good word of their work as I don't know why more people don't know about them. Thank you Tom and Lieann, from the bottom of my heart."

- Terri Fink


"Many thanks to you and your team. You guys made the processes as easy as possible. We appreciate your professionalism and how very accommodating and helpful you all were. You truly live up to your company name of "Caring Transitions."

- Bruce, Stacey, Bob

"Tom Wade and Caring Transitions was the perfect choice to assist us in clearing out my mother’s apartment. His responses to my family’s moving needs were efficient, thorough and caring. He went the extra mile time and again in finding excellent recipients for her possessions. I highly recommend Tom and Caring Transition’s services."

- Christine


"My family and I were extremely pleased with Caring Transitions. We were in the position that our mother just moved into assisted living, and due to the cost, we had to quickly sell her home to finance her time in the facility. To sell her home, we had to get the home empty of possessions. We knew most of her items didn't have much monetary value. We were essentially seeking to minimize the cost to us to clear the home of items and get it on the market as soon as possible. Tom at Caring Transitions was so helpful. What I loved about Caring Transitions, compared to the other companies I considered, is that it is a one-stop-shop to auction items and dispose and donate the remaining items that don't sell. At the end of our experience with Tom, my mother's home went from being filled to the brim to being completely empty; we made as much money as we could on the items that did sell and we had minimal cost to dispose of the remaining stuff. Tom's pricing is extremely fair and competitive, especially when you compare to other auction houses in Northern VA that require a steep buy-in deposit. Tom and his team were so easy to work with and remained flexible. My brother and I both lived more than an hour from my mother's home and other than the initial in-person inspection of my mother's home, we were able to manage everything else virtually. Tom also set aside sentimental items at my request that I didn't want auctioned but could not pick up until a later time. He basically honored all of our requests to make things easier on us as we navigated this stressful period. He was always on time and organized and was able to get the job done on our accelerated schedule. He was a real pleasure to work with and I know we made the best decision selecting with Caring Transitions. The name of the company is true to form." 

- Julie

"I can't thank Tom and Lieann enough for the amazing work you did helping us clear out my mother-in-law's apartment.  We unintentionally left you with a mess and a very tight time frame.  Caring Transitions took on the task without complaint and finished early!  We especially appreciated that you actually preserved some treasures we overlooked.  We already recommended you to everyone I know and will continue to do so!"

"Tom and Lieann are incredibly kind, caring, and respectful people. I highly recommend them as people and a business."
-Cassie B.

"Downsizing and moving my mother into a retirement home was an event that we were completely unprepared for. The amount of work was simply daunting. Tom and 
Lieann were our saviors! From the beginning they worked diligently and tirelessly to help our family meet a tight deadline. We received more traffic for our items than we could have imagined and certainly profited more than we would have if we had gone it alone. There are no words to express the amount of help they were during a time of great stress and anxiety. I recommend them highly."

"You took a tremendous burden off my shoulders by taking charge of a job that I was too busy to complete myself."
- Kim S.

"You took care of everything professionally, and we felt you really cared about us and about treating (my aunt’s) things with respect. You were a lifesaver."
- Jim R.

"We appreciated all the work you did after the estate sale: cleaning up the house, finding appropriate places to donate unsold items, and overseeing disposal of things that could not be donated."
- Donna B.

"Thank you Caring Transitions, for the help you provided in my recent estate sale. Not only was it profitable, but you also made it fun!"
- Maria G.

"In a few short weeks, you turned what appeared to be an insurmountable job into a well-organized event. The results of the sale surpassed our expectations…"
- Curt M.

"When the time came to move my mom from her farm to a retirement community, I was overwhelmed by all that needed to be done.  Faced with a house filled with a lifetime of items and a property with multiple barns and sheds, I didn’t even know where to begin.  It was such a relief to find Caring Transitions!  They made the process manageable, organized and stress-free.  They provided a proposal that mapped out a very clear timeline that included every aspect of getting my mom’s house ready to sell.  They handled everything from packing up items that were going to my mom’s new home, organizing the remaining items for sale or donation, cleaning out sheds and barns, running an online auction and prepping the house for sale.  Throughout the entire process, Tom and Lieann were professional and considerate.  They communicated with us regularly, kept the project running on time, and made sure my family felt at ease every step of the way.  Thank you Caring Transitions!"

- Lara M.